Phase Four – short film

Finally got around to shoot my first scripted short film!


The short film “Phase Four” deals with the transition of a grieving person living in denial and depression back to the normal life (based on the five stages of loss and grief by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross). The main protagonist “Felix” lost his girlfriend in a car crash not long ago and he mostly retracted himself from any social activities since then. Due to the great shock of loss, he fell into a deep depression and has lost his energy and is haunted by daydreams and hallucinations. As he finally accepts his best friend “George” back in his life, “Felix” starts to get better and finally stops living in his dreamworld.

The film was shot on 3 days with a small crew as part of „The Short Film“ module at the University of the West of Scotland, where I was an exchange student for the last four months. The biggest „problem“ in producing this short was creating the script in such a short amount of time, since I never actually wrote a proper script before. After all the production is done, meaning planning, shooting, editing and the paperwork (oooh the paperwork), all that remains to say is: F**** me, that was quite a lot of work, but at the same time great, great fun! So, big thank you to everybody involved in making this happen!



Daryn J. McMillan: Felix

Chris Martin: George

Heidi Woolard: Janine


Oliver Karaschewski, Sophie Neuberger, Georgios Ziogas, Euan Kirkpatrick, Shaun O’Hare, Tommy Beard

Special Thanks:

The Dorris for letting us shoot in the nice little cafe, and

Annaliese Broughton and Cameron Seaward for letting us shoot in their flat!


Equipment used:

Canon 70D (Visiontech colour profile)

18-55 Kit Lens

50mm f1.8 II

50mm Nikkor Macro (Eye close-up)

8mm Samyang / Walimex / Rokinon Fisheye


Edited in Final Cut Pro X, graded with the Visioncolor Osiris LUTs


This project was part of the „The Short Film“ module at University of the West of Scotland.

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